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How will your items be featured?
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hey All!

Hayley* and Wynona*, are two shopaholics. One day, after a huge sale during their trip to Hong Kong, both girls realised that they have bought so much items (eg. same tops in different colors), some in which they couldn't even fit into, and some they would be caught dead wearing.
However, as both are busy with their working schedule, they don't have the time to manage an e-shop. Thus, The Red Carpet Lagoon is found. :)
*names are changed due to privacy purposes.
Anyway, The Red Carpet Lagoon is a blogshop created by Shop Like A Celebrity! in order to help shopaholics who are dying to sell off their items and do not have the time to open an e-shop. ;)
Do read the sidebar for more. :)

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