Items Of The Month (To Be Opened Soon)

This site will be showcasing the items of the month! :)
How will your items be featured?
Well, I will randomly pick 5 items to be posted here as items of the month! Don't worry, I will rotate the items of the month every two weeks. (meaning; I will feature other new items every two weeks.) ;)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Win Some Cash!

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I'm serious.
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Red Carpet Lagoon.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Item 2 : Playez Girls T-Shirt

Name : Pink T-Shirt.
Brand : Playez Girls.
Description : Pink in color,
Size S,
Has Hawaiian girl design on it,
100% cotton.
Price : When purchased : RM30.
Now selling : RM10.
Reasons for selling : Bought this shirt a year ago but didn't wear it til beginning this year. Realized that I couldn't fit in it.
Condition : Worn once. Still new.
Method of delivery : Pos Ekspress : RM4
More pictures;

If interested, do email Julia at
Thank you.

A Note To You Babes. ;)

Remember these babes, and dudes!
When I help you advertise your stuff, and they are sold out, DO email me and inform me. :)
Thank yous! ;)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Item 1 : Pink Collar Tee

Name : Pink Collar Tee.
Brand : Uson Club.
Description : Pink inner shirt with white long sleeves,
Has collar.
Can fit sizes XS-M.
Price : When bought : -
Now selling : RM15.
Reasons for selling : -
Condition : Worn once.
Method of delivery : Poslaju/Pos ekspress.
For more details, email Yeen at
You can ask through our chatbox too.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Now Opened!

Hey all!
Do send me emails if you would like to sell off something! The Red Carpet Lagoon is finally opened! :)

Example of Email

To : The Red Carpet Lagoon (
Cc :
Subject : Mascara
(Email content) :
I would like to sell off my mascara.
Here are the details :
Name : Fiona Tan
Email : iamfiona@$$$$$.com (you can include your handphone number too if you feel it's more convenient)
Item :
i. Mascara. (Happy Mascara)
ii. 10cm (optional)/S, has strawberry scent, bought from Hong Kong, etc etc.
iii. Original price : RM108
Now : RM50
iv. Brand new
v. Reasons for selling : Too many mascaras, etc.
vi. Methods of delivering : COD to Bangsar, etc/ Poslaju/ Pos ekspress.
vii. Additional details/tips : Works well for those with very little eye lashes. Helps volumise your lashes! ;)
Here are some of the photos attached.

Tip : If you happen to buy the cosmetic (buy 1 free 1) in the same color, do use your opened cosmetic (eg.mascara,etc.) and apply it to your skin/lips/lashes so that customers can get a clearer view on how it's like on skin.
Thank you. :)


Here's an example of the post;

(Pictures of item)
Name : Mascara.
Brand : Brand 1.
Description : Gives 100% volume to lashes,
Bought in Hong Kong,
Black in colour,
Comes in pink package,
Has strawberry scent,
Price : When purchased : RM108.
Now selling : RM50.
Reasons for selling : Bought this a year ago from Hong Kong. Didn't have the chance to use it as I have too many mascaras.
Condition : Brand new (Still wrapped)
Method of delivery : COD/Poslaju/Pos ekspress.
Celebrity inspired (optional) : Recommended by Celebrity A in an interview (encouraged to send link of the interview)(or pictures/anything!) If it isn't inspired/anything like that, it's ok. :)
For more details, do email Fiona at
- A Note To Sellers ;

Opening Soon!

The Red Carpet Lagoon will be officially opened soon! :)
Stay tuned!

Hey All!

Hayley* and Wynona*, are two shopaholics. One day, after a huge sale during their trip to Hong Kong, both girls realised that they have bought so much items (eg. same tops in different colors), some in which they couldn't even fit into, and some they would be caught dead wearing.
However, as both are busy with their working schedule, they don't have the time to manage an e-shop. Thus, The Red Carpet Lagoon is found. :)
*names are changed due to privacy purposes.
Anyway, The Red Carpet Lagoon is a blogshop created by Shop Like A Celebrity! in order to help shopaholics who are dying to sell off their items and do not have the time to open an e-shop. ;)
Do read the sidebar for more. :)